1. Saving data

  2. View Notes While Entering Data

  3. Is there anyone at Quickbooks who cares if this problem gets fixed. This is day 3 or NO!!! response?

  4. Add fields to Vendor Import Data

  5. Add take a picture of credit card instead of entering data

  6. When going to create an account do not erase payment data

  7. Make data entry compatible with Dragon dictation

  8. Description field populated with incorrect data when ingesting bank data

  9. Keep Customer Data Current in Quickbooks by populating the credit card form

  10. Offered opportunity to create account after entered data; data erased, account failed. Tedious and misleading.

  11. Have "save your data for the future" not reset the form!

  12. Program will not accept data about credit card that was automatically filled in by my computer

  13. Ability to "pin" Customer or Vendor when data entering

  14. Have this a linked to the QB bill and show it was paid with data.

  15. I can't get any response after clicking pay when I fill out the online credit car payment information. I have clicked the button repeatedly.

  16. Saved profile for credit card payment was not shown, each visit for payment required unique entry of card and user data. PIA !

  17. When adding a new credit card, it is difficult to see that you must click on the blue to disclose a field for data entry

  18. An actually responsive system.

  19. Don't erase the info we entered when we 'create an account' at the bottom of the form. Save data, or move link to top of form

  20. change software response to tab key

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