1. Saving data

  2. save payment data!

  3. Offered opportunity to create account after entered data; data erased, account failed. Tedious and misleading.

  4. Able to send note to vendor in response to invoice

  5. When going to create an account do not erase payment data

  6. Is there anyone at Quickbooks who cares if this problem gets fixed. This is day 3 or NO!!! response?

  7. Have "save your data for the future" not reset the form!

  8. I want you to remember my sign in data

  9. Have this a linked to the QB bill and show it was paid with data.

  10. Program will not accept data about credit card that was automatically filled in by my computer

  11. How about actually doing something in response to these "ideas"? Still no place for Business Name!

  12. Would be great if it worked. NO DATA new or OLD

  13. Given the number of votes and the lack of response, this page seems to be a dead end.

  14. Saved profile for credit card payment was not shown, each visit for payment required unique entry of card and user data. PIA !

  15. I requested, on more than one occasion a revised invoice. Accessibility and prompt response from Billing would have been nice!!!

  16. when updating a cc with new exp date, replace the old data with new.

  17. Has anyone gotten a response from this "customer feedback..." ? What's the point ??? Ur revamped version not working neither is the old??

  18. When printing the receipt none of the data like invoice #, date & amount are captured. Seriously?

  19. When adding a new credit card, it is difficult to see that you must click on the blue to disclose a field for data entry

  20. Liked the previous version better. No way to look at historical vacation data! Bad call to change to this version!

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