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Now the employer will not be able to see the list of employees paid and look at the exact pay stub that the employee is seeing? Why are you taking this feature away? It doesn't always look the same in QB.

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  • Jan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have to give employees a copy of paychecks for loan closings, etc. if they have not signed up for view my paycheck.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    2:06:22 PM Me: Good Afternoon, Received feedback regarding the ViewMyPaycheck changes. Will there be an alternative for the Admin view of all Employee Paystubs. This was very beneficial to allow us to pull paystubs for employees who couldn't access it. Also provided away when nnot accessible to our QB to be able to go in and see exactly what the employee sees for their pay. If possible if this feature can still be maintained, it would be greatly appreciated! < >
    2:06:48 PM Intuit: Intuit has joined the conversation.
    2:07:18 PM Intuit: Hello < >! Welcome to Intuit ViewMyPaycheck (VMP) Chat Support for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. I do apologize, we are having a high volume of chats. Thank you for your patience.
    2:09:20 PM Me: No problem
    2:09:34 PM Intuit: Thank you for your kind understanding
    2:10:46 PM Intuit: TO check, are you using DESKTOP or ONLINE Payroll?
    2:10:58 PM Me: Desktop
    2:13:06 PM Intuit: Thank you. For the admin access, same features: you will still see the uploaded stubs and the list of employees available for VMP. We will just be adding some features to it
    2:14:29 PM Me: Thank however the emiail stated this : "With this new experience, ViewMyPaycheck company view and admin view will no longer be supported and will be retired soon. Please be on the lookout for more detailed communication in future emails about this change. "
    2:15:07 PM Me: So that led me to believe we wouldnt be able to log in as admin and see all employees at once as we do now. We'd definitely like this feature kept so just wanted to double check
    2:15:47 PM Intuit: I see. Thank you for posting the exact mail. Let me quickly confirm with our senior specialist
    2:17:17 PM Intuit: The message is different from the huddlewe had
    2:17:26 PM Intuit: Please give me 1-2 minutes
    2:26:03 PM Intuit: Thank you for staying on chat. We confirmed from our Tier 3 Specialist and product developer that under the new view, employers will still be able to see the list of employees (those who have and has not registered yet)
    2:26:28 PM Intuit: Paystubs will no longer be viewable though under admin view
    2:27:17 PM Intuit: They are still considering on this and will make sure to send another communication once everything is finalized
    2:27:37 PM Me: Is there a reason they are taking the paystubs away. Sometimes we have older employees in our fields that are not as comfortable using the platform so we send them their paystubs by accessing it under admin view.
    2:28:11 PM Me: So if this is still up for consideration would like to kindly request if they can still continue to allow the feature for the employer to have access to pay stubs
    2:28:51 PM Me: Also sometimes we use it to confirm the payroll we sent and it is much easier to view and bring up in the VMP versus in QUICKBOOKS.
    2:29:15 PM Me: We can also help us see what they see as well
    2:30:01 PM Intuit: I understand < > and we do appreciate the feedback
    2:30:13 PM Intuit: I'll make sure to have this reported to Tier 3
    2:30:21 PM Me: For example if they are not seeing their paystubs we can usually go in and see we also do not see them as well and that usually helps us realize there is an issue with payroll update and we need to pull down the latest
    2:30:21 PM Intuit: Just to answer your question earlier..
    2:30:47 PM Me: Yes if there is anything we can do to help provide feedback that would be great because we utilize this quite heavily.
    2:30:48 PM Intuit: You are right and I definitely agree with you on that
    2:32:25 PM Me: An additional feature, not sure if possible but in our field our caregivers would love is being able to delineate their hours down by Job/Customer. Now it just shows total hours. If they were able to see total hours per customer/job that would be excellent as well
    2:33:12 PM Intuit: I have my immediate supervisor already informed of your feedback, < >. Aside from that, please feel free to provide your feedback by clicking this link <a href="; target="_blank" class="iwt-message-link"></a>
    2:33:56 PM Intuit: I understand. Just to share as to why they consider removing the stubs for amdin view..
    2:36:00 PM Intuit: They said that the info can be accessed by the admin of the company directly from Quickbooks itself since the website is only a mirror of the info inside the software. BUT I guess they may not have taken into consideration some aspects such as those you have stated above.
    2:36:28 PM Intuit: I'm really glad you chatted with us today and you have specifically indicated how it affects you as an admin
    2:37:00 PM Intuit: And < >, I just got an official feedback page for this issue - new admin view
    2:37:10 PM Intuit: Please feel free to visit <a href="; target="_blank" class="iwt-message-link"></a>

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree! I just had a lengthy conversation with Intuit regarding this. Thank you so much to Ms Maria for sharing this link to post feedback and hearing my feedback. Posting for others awareness:

    Keys Points:

    1) The majority of staff in our industry are not computer saavy with being able to access pay stubs and thus will call us. We need to have access to be able to pull this down for them if needed.
    2) If there are discrepancies in pay, we like to be able to verify what the staff sees as well to determine the issue
    3) Using Desktop version, when admin is away from Host Computer and in the field if an Employee calls about a pay discrepancy we can easily pull it up via VMP online versus waiting till we are in front of our QB Desktop.

    Please reconsider keeping this feature otherwise we may need to visit other alternatives! Thank you!

  • Teena Harness commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am not happy about removing this capability. I have some employees which are not computer savvy and depend on me for copies whenever required and/or the ability to look at their pay information when they have questions. It should be optional to the company for that access. If this is removed we will have some major issues.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree as well. Why would you take away this critical feature? Please reconsider and leave this important feature intact.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree! And employees are understandably skeptical when told that "No, I can't look at VMP, only what I have in QB." I get that some employees may have other information from other jobs that upload to their VMP account that needs to remain private - but that should be a user-side decision or option.

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